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On the Road with Trail Butter Pro, Yassine Diboun

Trail Butter Pro, Yassine Diboun, recently set out on a 3-month journey with his wife and daughter to experience van life, travel the country, and make the most of life during the coronavirus pandemic. Yassine shares a glimpse into how it's going below!

Greetings from #DibsTheDelica! Yassine Diboun here - I am a father, husband, co-owner of Wy'east Wolfpack, coach, Columbia athlete and (of course) a Trail Butter Pro.

At the moment I'm 3+ weeks into a 3-month journey with my wife, daughter and 2 dogs in our "cozy" van #DibsTheDelica.

This is a photo of our family heading out of Portland, Oregon - our hometown - and off on this great adventure into the unknown.. .and boy is there plenty of unknown!


Here's a recent selfie finish of the Badwater 135 at Whitney portal — on my own terms! One of the many stops on my current roadtrip with family in #DibsTheDelica, I had some unfinished business to take care of!

I'm smiling in this photo because I just finished running the last 35 miles of Badwater. From the spot where I dropped in 2018 to the finish. It felt damn good to get that monkey off my back!


This is a photo of the awesome Mitsubishi Delica that my family has been traveling in for a few weeks now. So far, we've made it from Oregon, through California and into Arizona.

One of the best things about #vanlife in #DibsTheDelica is waking up to amazing views. This photo is a great example of the beautiful spaces we get to take in.

There are plenty of things you can't predict when spending 3 months on the road, some of it fun and some of it challenging, but it all adds up to memories. I'm looking forward to 2 more months of memory-making and invite you to follow along at @delicabalance!

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