Sawna & Juniper: Adventure Buddies!

In this Trail Talk spotlight, we introduce you to Trail Butter Ambassador, Sawna Guadarrama. Actually, we let her take the lead and share some stories about her best friend and partner-in-crime, Juniper!

Do you have a special someone that makes you want to be the best possible version of yourself? Well, for me that’s my dog Juniper!

Hi! My name is Sawna, I’m an LA native turned recent Bend, Oregon resident & adventure addict. I adopted Juniper nearly 7 years ago when she was found running around the 101 freeway as a pup and it completely changed my life.

How did I survive before her? Who rescued who?

She’s my best friend, my trail running coach, adventure partner, snuggle queen and fellow food addict. We both firmly believe that fueling our bodies with clean and whole foods can drive every adventure in the right direction. As long as I dangle the Trail Butter in front of her, she’ll always be down for the ride 🤪


For a handful of summers, Juniper and I could be found sleeping in our car while adventuring around Colorado, more specifically around Silverton during camp Hardrock. You could catch us volunteering during trail work days, or running along some of our favorite sections of the course.

Handies Peak, a 14k mountain peak along the Hardrock 100 course was Junipers first of many 14,000 ft peaks. We loved running around the high altitude, swimming in the crystal clear lakes and camping with many like minded adventurous souls.

What Juniper liked the most, though, is our camp food. We eat clean and stick to clean energy to fuel us while camping at 10,000ft, trail butter was a staple for my morning oats and let’s be honest, all day kind of snack!


Living in Los Angeles granted us access to some of the most beautiful running terrain basically year around. We had nearly endless trail access a mile from our house in Griffith Park but our favorite was adventuring Mt Baldy, a SoCal 10,000ft peak in the Angeles National Forest and it’s a GEM!

Whether we are running the SoCal mountains, skiing or frolicking in the snow here in Bend, Oregon - the most important lesson Juniper has taught me is to have fun. I’ve stopped thinking about running as training but an opportunity to let loose and explore(somewhat responsibly) - not just our great outdoors, but myself and it has exploded into my wildest dreams.

You can continue to follow along on our adventures as we explore new territory with a second adopted pup around (despite Junipers disproval). Things are getting extra spicy around here!

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