Trail Butter Holiday Gift Guide!

In 2012, my brother and I started Trail Butter to offer up a delicious and nutritious real-food alternative to endurance gels and other highly-processed snack options for individuals on the go. Since Trail Butter's beginning, I've been asked one question, in particular, many times over...

"How does one use Trail Butter?" The simple answer is, there are a number of situations where Trail Butter comes in handy, and really any excuse to enjoy our wholesome nut butter blends is a good one.

Trail Butter offers something for everyone - this gift guide should help provide some "food for thought" when it comes to gift-giving this holiday season.

Happy Holidays!

Jeff Boggess, Trail Butter Co-Founder & CEO


Trail Butter Lil' Squeezes

Best Uses: Endurance Athletes' Fuel On-The-Go, Healthy Snacks for Kids & Kids-at-Heart, Stocking Stuffers

Trail Butter Lil' Squeezes are a great choice for the person who likes to get outside and get after it for hours on end. They'll for sure be in need of great tasting, calorie-dense nutrition to help fuel their efforts.

We like to call Trail Butter 'smart fuel' which has taken on a whole new meaning as parents are serving up our single-serves to help their remote learners get through their virtual school day. Trail Butter Lil Squeezes work great for a mid-day healthy snack for kids AND kids-at-heart.

Available in 4 flavors and a 12-pack variety pack. So dang tasty, it'll be hard to stop at one. Shop The Collection.

Trail Butter Headwraps & Technical Truckers

Best Uses: Protection from the Elements, Styling Additions to Your Wardrobe

We're digging these new headwraps sporting our signature 'Trailscape' design - intended to help keep wearers safe (hello pandemic) and stylin' while out on the trail. These work wonders in the wintertime for a little added warmth and provides protection from the sun when needed. And, if snot rockets aren't your thing - headwraps to the rescue! *wink*

If the design and overall good looks of the technical trucker aren't enough to persuade you into gifting this to someone special, then we'd be remiss to point out that it makes an excellent rain-, snow-, sun- and windshield for the adventure-seeker who refuses to let a "little weather" impact their plans for type 2 fun. We like to say we're throwing shade at Mother Nature & the elements when we're sporting this awesome cap.


Trail Butter Gift Boxes

Best Uses: Stocking Stuffers & Gift Sets for Specialty Food Lovers, Recipe Creators, Healthy Homes

New for the 2020 Holiday Season, the 3-Pack Lil' Squeeze Variety Box, is an awesome way to introduce friends & family to your Trail Butter obsession. This gift box fits nicely inside any stocking hung by any chimney with care but also works great as a surprise 'edible ornament' on the tree come Christmas morning.

If you're certain your friends & family will love our nut butter blends as much as you do, the Trail Butter 'By the Jar' Box Set is a more substantial way of saying "I love you" - because when tastebuds are truly happy, all is right in the world.

Looking to go the distance this holiday season? For a limited time, pre-pay for a 6- or 12-month variety gift box subscription and save up to 20%.


Trail Butter Travel Junkies

Best Uses: Adventure Seekers, Trip Takers, Van Lifers

Whether you know someone living the #vanlife or you're in search of a gift that's sure to please a frequent camper/backpacker, we've got a few items we're confident will hit the mark. Trail Butter Big Squeeze pouches carry 4.5 ounces of yum (aka Trail Butter deliciousness). They are perfect for a multi-day campout or for someone living in tight quarters looking for easy-to-stash food options to carry them from one stop to the next.

The Trail Butter x Earthwell insulated bottle is guaranteed to keep chai hot up to 10 hours, iced-coffee cool for 40 hours, and IPA's cold for 16 hours. Need we say more?

And then there's the Trailscape hoodie... If we could live in this thing, we would (okay okay - the pandemic is certainly turning that dream into more of a reality.) If your guy or gal on-the-go finds themselves hunkering down on cool evenings in unfamiliar places, the Trail Butter Trailscape hoodie makes a cozy and practical gift they'll be happy to sport for seasons on end.


Trail Butter Gift Card

Best Uses: Quick Turnaround Gift Option, Great Gift For A Fellow Trail Butter Lover

Lastly, if you want to introduce Trail Butter to your friends & family there's nothing wrong with a gift card. We like to think of it as a 'choose your own adventure' gift option.

A solid last-minute gift, too! Shop Gift Cards


Other Brands We Love...

If you've been following Trail Butter for a while, then you likely know all about our Pairing of the Month program. Each month Trail Butter partners with a real-food brand to provide free samples with every order made on Here's a recap of the brands we partnered with in 2020. ALL of these companies make excellent real-food options that pair perfectly with Trail Butter. 

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