Krissy Moehl & PD Pup!

Hello! PD and I are excited to share a few photos with you!

PD is thriving in her 4th year (3rd with me) and she’s helped me and the others she wiggles up next to make the most out of this year. She’s an amazing constant companion and while her barks and anxiety make it tough to leave at times we thrive when we get to be together.

We recently sold the condo we’d lived in for the last 4 years and moved into my van. #vanlife is a good way of life for both of us, she gets more time with Mom and I love the simplicity and creativity that the small space and each day brings. We will have to share some vanlife hacks and photos in the future. 

I'll let PD take it from here...

PD: Hi there! If there is one thing I love more than snuggles, scratches and Trail Butter it is SNOW! This cold, scratchy white stuff is the absolute best! My Momma even puts Trail Butter on the snow patches for me to devour. Adventure days are complete when we get up above treeline (Mom’s favorite!) and I get to lick up a pile of TB. I’d eat them all, but Mom only gives me Original and Maple.

PD: One for you and one for me. Mom gets the Dark Chocolate & Coffee Trail Butter. But, that is okay because then I get my own packet. *wink*

PD: This is my best friend Bija. She and I share trail snacks all of the time. Our Mom’s have made a point of getting us together once a week every week since this year. I love getting to see my friend so much and her Momma is one of my favorite aunties. 

PD: I’ve had to get used to breaks from Mom, as she travels the world A LOT. When she gets home, she tells me about far off places while giving me belly rubs while I'm just wondering when we'll get to go on the next trail run so I get more Trail Butter.

But this year, we’ve been on all sorts of runs and adventures TOGETHER in the pacific northwest. We have such amazing trails and I get to see all of my favorite aunties (Mom's Trail Sisters!) more frequently.

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