Meet Graham Zimmerman, Trail Butter Pro

BIG 'Thanks!' to Trail Butter Pro, Graham Zimmerman, for taking the time to give us a little peek into his life as a professional climber, storyteller and environmental activist. Enjoy getting to know a little more about Graham!


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Graham Zimmerman here, I am a professional climbing athlete and storyteller who is deeply enthralled in exploring new terrain in the big mountains of the world. In particular this place, the Pakistani Karakoram which is, in my opinion, the raddest mountain range on the planet. 
I have also been a TB ambassador for many years! 
This is a photo of driving in to attempt the first ascent of Link Sar in 2017 with @now_climbing and @steve.swenson54. 
TB Take over_2.jpeg
This quest to climb beautiful steep terrain has taken me on many adventures. 
Not all of these have been far from home. 
While, yes, I am primarily focused on climbing in places like the Karakoram I find just as much joy from seeking out beautiful terrain that is closer afield. 
This image is of the late great @tomballard in front of a frozen waterfall in the Canadian Rockies. 
Miss you pal. 
TB Take over_3.jpg
Lastly, I wanted to talk about my favorite part of climbing, which is partnership.
The relationships that I have formed while in the wild mountains of the world have been the most worthwhile takeaway. 
These are folks who know me incredibly well. We have been through it all together, from immense inspiration to deep fatigue and fear. 
This is a photo of @markrichey @steve.swenson54 and @now_climbing in 2019 sitting out a storm en route to the first ascent of Link Sar in Pakistan. 
Follow Graham to get to know more about what he's accomplished and what he's working to achieve. We consider ourselves fortunate to have him on our team! 
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