Trail Butter Holiday Gift Guide!

Trail Butter offers something for everyone - this gift guide should help provide some "food for thought" when it comes to gift-giving this holiday season.  Happy Holidays! Jeff Boggess, Trail Butter Co-Founder & CEO 

Lael Wilcox Rides Alaska

In 2017, I rode all of the roads in Alaska-- a total of 4,500 miles. This year, Rue and I went back to ride the roads together and document what it looks like out there. We spent five days out there in early July, mostly living on Trail Butter. That far north in the middle of summer, the sun hardly sets. We rode late into the night. The ride is challenging-- steep climbs and descents, a mix of dirt and pavement. We had the time of our lives.

Adrienne's Trail Butter Tasting Room: A Partially Tongue-In-Cheek Quest for the Perfect Nut Butter-Beverage Pairings

Pandemic life coincided with full-time cohabitation with another endurance athlete, and after we both finally gave up on blaming the dogs for the rapid disappearance of food from the house, some, um, creative eating patterns emerged.  Nut butter and avocados. Nut butter and scrambled egg burritos (leave me alone.) Nut butter for dessert when the ice cream disappeared (the dogs ate it, I'm sure.) Post-ride/second dessert nut butter and...beverages. Thus, Trail Butter/adult-beverage pairing tasting night was born.

Summer Running in the Alps with Professional Photographer Dan Patitucci

Trail Butter Pro and professional mountain sport photographer, Dan Paititucci (@danpatitucci), shares three of his favorite peak runs in the Swiss Alps from the summer of 2020. It may not have been the summer we hoped for, but a peek at Dan's photos has us making a solid wish list of things to do in summers to come! Seriously breathtaking in more ways than one! 

Krissy Moehl & PD Pup!

Hello! PD and I are excited to share a few photos with you!.. PD is thriving in her 4th year (3rd with me) and she’s helped me and the others she wiggles up next to make the most out of this year. She’s an amazing constant companion and while her barks and anxiety make it tough to leave at times we thrive when we get to be together. ---------- Thanks Krissy (and PD!) for your storytelling! We love hearing from you both. Want to hear more from this awesome duo? Follow them, here.  ---------- photo credit: Ryan Thrower, Gretchen Walla

Drew Smith, Climber & Adventure Photographer!

Hello everyone! This is Drew Smith here. I shoot photos for a living and have been fortunate enough to travel to amazing places documenting adventures. My favorite places to shoot are remote with good people.

Sarah Sturm, A Badass On The Bike!

We're excited to introduce you to Trail Butter Pro, Sarah Sturm! Sarah is an incredible athlete and awesome person. W...

Meet Graham Zimmerman, Trail Butter Pro

BIG 'Thanks!' to Trail Butter Pro, Graham Zimmerman, for taking the time to give us a little peek into his life as a professional climber, storyteller and environmental activist. Enjoy getting to know a little more about Graham!

Will McKay, Professional Photographer & Trail Butter Ambassador

In this post, we're featuring the talented adventure photographer and all-around awesome dude, Will McKay. We're lucky to be able to share some of Will's amazing photography on our social media feeds regularly and we thought it would be fun to share a little about Will here, too! 

Climb 4 Community

We’re very excited to present a virtual challenge called Climb 4 Community to bring people together through the power of collective (but individual and appropriately-distanced) action to raise funds for COVID-19 relief and do good for your physical and mental health along the way. 

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