Retail Partner Spotlight: Aplenglow Sports - Tahoe City, California

If you've traveled to the Lake Tahoe region looking for beta on a solid adventure - chances are, you stopped by Alpenglow Sports for local knowledge on the most Type 2 fun to be had year round. 

Per their website, Alpenglow Sports is an original California Mountain Shop that has been providing locals and visitors with inspiration, local knowledge and the best equipment to enjoy the great outdoors since 1979. 

Alpenglow Sports also happens to be next up in Trail Butter's 'Retail Partner Spotlight' series...

Store Name: Alpenglow Sports

Location: Tahoe City, California

Specialty: Outdoor

Tell us why your customers are the best.

We are so grateful to have customers that feel like family! Whether they are walking into the store for the first or the hundredth time, there is an instant connection that comes from sharing your passions with others.

What makes your store so unique?

Alpenglow Sports is so much more than a store with great gear. We are a community hub where locals and visitors, beginners and experts alike can gather to share stories, passions, and knowledge with each other. And, shopping at our store isn’t the only way you can experience that. We host and create opportunities for our community to support each other, learn, and get inspired, such as our Winter Speaker Series, Demo Days, or Tailgate Talks. 

Does your store's location have an interesting story?

Alpenglow Sports started in 1979 in the same storefront that we currently occupy today. For many years the greatest ski bums and weekend warriors have flocked to Alpenglow as a place to learn about the latest and greatest gear. This history can be experienced through the relics and artifacts that hang on the walls in our shop. This age-old stoke is also ingrained within our employees who work here.

Favorite or Most Recommended Backyard Adventure.

On just about any day you will find most of our staff out adventuring together before work! Just as our shop cultivates community, so do our adventures. The camaraderie and shared stoke that comes from getting outside with friends is why we are in the industry we are and makes most all adventures a favorite! As we get ready for winter, we are excited to see friends back in the Rubicon Peak skin track. 

What Alpenglow has to say about Trail Butter: "The best nut mix for every adventure!"

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