Off The Trail - David Laney x Charity: Water

Trail Butter Pros are athletes who put forth great effort and dedication to their physical pursuits. But, there's more to these individuals than their FKTs, podium finishes, peak-bagging, etc.

In Trail Butter's newest feature 'Off The Trail' we'll highlight causes, hobbies and professions that Trail Butter Pros are passionate about and reserve time 'Off The Trail' to pursue. 

We're kicking things off with a feature on David Laney and his efforts to raise funds and awareness for Charity: Water. We'll let David take things from here...

Access to clean water is essential for life. Period. It's hard to imagine life without it. While most of us go through our day-to-day routines with easy access to clean water, there are 785 million people on this planet that simply don’t have clean water readily available. Many people in the developing world spend much of their time and energy collecting water that is often filled with unhealthy levels of bacteria. 

The good news is, we can help! 

Charity: Water is a non-profit organization that works to bring clean and safe water to people in the developing world. When clean water is available the ripple effect of having this precious resource in a rural community accessible can be the difference between a struggling society and a thriving society. Access to clean water allows children to attend school instead of spending hours each day collecting water. People in these communities are able to spend less money on medicine to combat waterborne illness and direct that money to starting businesses and pursuing other economic opportunities.  

Last year, I ran 100 miles on Portland’s Willamette River waterfront path to raise funds and awareness for clean drinking water through Charity: Water. Together, during that run, we raised over $6000 in donations that are now at work bringing clean water for life to 150 people. After the resounding success of this effort I didn't want to stop there.

That’s why on November 7 I’ll be running the New York City Marathon with a group of 12 other runners to yet again raise funds and elevate awareness for Charity: Water

The opportunity to leverage my running platform to bring positive change to a cause that I truly care about is just what I will need to fuel me through those 26.2 miles on the streets of NYC. 

Learn more and join us in ending the global water crisis here.

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