My nut-butter-as-energy-fuel love affair

Imagine you’re riding a touring bike loaded with gear on a lonesome stretch of highway in Morocco...

With the hot sun beginning to set and a headwind sapping your remaining strength at the end of a long day, you’re tired, you’re dirty, you’re hungry, you’re thirsty, when suddenly, two young girls appear out of nowhere along the side of the road and wave you with wide smiles into their modest family home that is occupied by several siblings, parents and grandparents.

You’re too exhausted to resist and thank goodness you didn’t.  

Over the course of the evening, chickens are butchered, mint tea is poured
and fresh flatbread is baked and though you don’t share a language, it’s a lovely time. This was the scene in 2011 as my travel partner, Vanessa and I rode south to a rendezvous with a sailboat that would take us across the Atlantic. The flatbread we enjoyed in particular, which is ubiquitous throughout Morocco, would become a staple of our time there, and was often filled with almond butter bought from roadside vendors, accompanied by a sliced banana and a drizzle of honey and argan oil for extra nutrition and yumminess.

Although the light bulb moment for Trail Butter as a potential product and business would come several thousand miles later in the Ozarks of Arkansas, I look back on that day in Morocco with our adopted family as ground zero for my nut-butter-as-energy-fuel love affair.

Trail Butter's Jeff Boggess cycles across Europe, Africa and the United States

Trail Butter was conceived out of necessity on an 9,000-mile global bike and sailboat ride from Germany to California, when along the way I decided to combine my nut butters, honey, and dried fruit snacks into one convenient jar in my handlebar bag that got me all the way to the finish line in California.

Since that life-changing adventure, Trail Butter has continued to be my fuel of choice, joining me on weekend trail runs all the way to 200+ mile ultras in the Alps and has become a go-to for many others pushing their own personal limits.

In just over ten years, Trail Butter has gone all the way from a bike stand in Portland to countries around the world, up El Capitan, broken speed records on the PCT, nourished hotshot fire fighters, fueled epic guitar solos as festival fuel (Wilco's SolidSound Festival!), and even gone up Everest. Trail Butter nut butters and granolas can be found in over 500 specialty outdoor and natural grocery retailers.

Today, Elite athletes and weekend warriors alike, along with busy professionals, first responders, and parents-on-the-go look to Trail Butter for its clean and convenient nutrition that not only fuels the day but promotes lasting health and wellness.

We're proud and grateful to fuel YOUR pursuits - whether you're just trying to power through everyday life and you need a little real-food energy boost, or you're trying to power up a mountain and your tank is reading low. We couldn't be more excited to have Trail Butter's portable nut butters and granolas along on your journey.

I know you have a lot of energy snack options to choose from out there and we're big believers ourselves in having a variety of energizing treats along for the ride (or run, or, or, or). So with that, we thank you for including Trail Butter in your energy snack quiver!

Happy & Healthy trails out there,

- Jeff Boggess, Trail Butter co-Founder & CEO
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